Frequently Asked Questions

You need to Register before you can Log In and add your profile. Go to and click Register button on the top right corner.

You will receive auto generated email/s from;

First will be a welcome email conforming the info you typed to register.

There may be a second email to verify your email address. If there is one, then click on the hyperlink provided in the email. If there is no second email then go ahead and complete your profile.

Note: We occasionally enforce Admin approval of registration. UMMshadi does not want this bureaucracy but due to BOTs (robots that create dummy registrations), we need to activate Admin approval from time to time. If admin approval is activated, you will get a popup message when you submit your Registration. Usually, approval will be granted within 24 hours. If no admin approval then you are good to go straight after your registration.

Once approved, you will receive another email from UMMshadi informing you that your membership has been accepted.

You can now Log In and complete your profile, which will be viewed by other members looking for match. Go to and click Log In the top right corner.

In the auto-generated email/s that you will receive; there may be a warning in yellow box (mainly for Gmail users).

Disregard that warning. Clicking on the hyperlink, if required to confirm your email, is harmless.

What/How to fill in Profile Information

Click the pencil mark in each section to add/edit the information


Provide a brief description of the person the profile is for, and what sort of match you are looking for (5 to 15 rows).

You may also describe your family, brothers and sisters, what they do and their marital status.

Do not mention your address, email, telephone, or social media contact information in this area.

Basic Information

Fill in all the information.
You may choose not to fill your correct name in FIRST NAME field to hide your identity.

Your email and Mobile will not show to other users.

Present Address

Fill all the fields. POSTA-CODE may be left blank.
Note: Country and State info appear in the summary search results.

Important: Make sure to click the green Tick sign after you have entered or changed the information. Your data will not be saved if you don’t. Do this for each section.

Education And Career
Put currency in front of income amount. For example; IRs 250,000 or USD 65,000.

Note: Click Hide button if you do not want other users to see this information. You can do this for any of the section except top three.

Physical Attributes

COMPLEXION could be; Dark, Brown, Fair, White, Pink, Yellow, etc.
BODY ART could be Tattoo, Piercing, etc.


MOTHER TONGUE; The language you grew up with and/or spoken at home.

LANGUAGE; Any other language you speak fluently.

SPEAK; Any other language you can speak.
READ; Any other language you can read.

Residency Information

BIRTH COUNTRY; Country you were born in.
RESIDENCY COUNTRY; Country you are residing at the moment.

CITIZENSHIP COUNTRY; Type your citizenship/s (you may have more than one citizenship)

IMMIGRATION STATUS; If you are living in a country other than your citizenship country, then provide the status here (for example; Student, Refugee, Asylum Seeker, Work Visa, Permanent Resident, etc.)

Spiritual And Social Background

SUB-CASTE is applicable for Hindus.
ETHNICITY; could be Arab, Aboriginal, Maori, Tribal, etc). Leave blank if not applicable.

PERSONAL VALUES; are your own personal values (for example;Religious, Traditional, Moderate, Liberal, etc) which could be different to your FAMILY’s VALUE.

MANGLIK is for Hindus. Leave blank if you are not.

Life Style

DIET; fill Non-vegetarian, Vegetarian, Vegan, etc.
LIVING WITH; could be Parents, Brother/Sister, Relative, Alone, etc.)

Astronomic Information
Applicable mainly to Hindus, Budhists and few other communities. Leave blank if not applicable.

Family Information
FATHER; Provide father’s profession.
MOTHER; Provide mother’s profession. You may type Home Maker if not a professional/not working.
BROTHER/SISTER; type number of brothers and sisters. For example; if you have two brothers and 3 sisters; type 2/3.

Partner Expectation

GENERAL REQUIREMENT; Brief description of the person you are looking for (for example; Employed, kind and soft tempered).

PREFERRED STATE; The state your potential match is from.
PREFERRED STATUS; Type desired financial status of your potential match (for example; Affluent, Upper Middle Class, Middle Class, Lower Middle Class, etc.)

Information on the Left Column of the Profile page

This part provides some statistics, your membership status, membership upgrade button, allows you to upload a photo the main photo, and more photos in the Gallery.

To upload the main photo; click the Edit button  on the top-right side of the column (the green area). Select your photo then click Save Image button. Note; this is the photo that will appear in your profile.

To add more photos, click Gallery button then Upload Image.

To make the gallery photos accessible to members, click Picture Privacy and choose your options.

When you open the profile of a prospective match (by clicking on his/her name or photo); you get some additional buttons on the right column. These are to show your intreset, put the profile in your short list, and most importantly, to allow his/her message (by clicking the button; Messaging Enabled).

You can also report if a Profile has proven to be fraudulent by clicking on Profile Report.

Close Account button is to close your account (after you have found a suitable match), and don’t want members to keep contacting you after you.

Click letter sign to check messages in your in-box

Click Log Out when you have finished (in top left corner), or go search a prospective match.

To Search a Prospective Match:

Click HOME and fill the criteria, click Search. You may narrow down your search criteria in the next page.

You may want to upgrade your membership to Premium Member.

Benefit of Being a Premium Member

Ordinary membership allows you to post your profile and makes it available to others to view. It also allows you to make a limited number of contacts to your prospective match.

You may contact UMMshadi, through Contact Us link in Home page to increase your number of contacts, if you think that you can not afford to pay for the premium membership. UMMshadi will usually accept the requests, specially if its for a female member.

Premium membership, however, allows additional benefits. Other than increased number of allowed contacts, your profile is promoted on the Home page, and your profile appears in the search result with “Premium” tag in the corner.

Do You Have a Question?

Go to, scroll down, and click Contact Us button.

Provide as much information as possible when filling the Profile Information. People tend to skip profiles which are incomplete, or have inadequate information when they are searching for a match based on compatibility. After all, it’s a matter of spending rest of their lives with the person they are searching for.

People also make an impression of your sincerity and sense of responsibility by looking at the quantity and quality of your profile when searching for a life partner.

Following insights may help;

Provide a good description of yourself or the person you are preparing the profile for. Include your nature, you habits, your hobbies, what you like, your family background, etc. Describe objectively – don’t boast. People don’t like boasts, especially the young who grew up in the West. It may put them off.

Also describe what sort of person you are looking for. Make sure to emphasize the key points. For example; if you are looking for a religious type person; make sure it’s mentioned.

Some people are genuinely concerned about revealing the date of birth. If that is your concern then input the actual year of birth but not the exact date or month.

Profiles with photo/s seem to get more attention, but some people don’t want or like to post photo. It’s ok if you feel that way, but a better option could be to post a side photo which makes it a bit difficult to recognise the person.

As you review profiles to find a suitable match, you may want to have a short list of prospective matches. This can be done by clicking on Shortlist button on the left side of Member’s Profile page;

You can click Shortlist button to see the members you have shortlisted;

When you find a member you think is a prospective match, and want to start a communication, do following;

Open members Profile (by clicking on the Name or Photo of the member) and Express Interest by clicking Express Interest Button.

When you have expressed an interest, the member will receive a message and Notification in his/her in-box.

Member will have an option to Accept / Reject / Not Respond to your Interest.

If interested; member will need to open your profile and click Enable Messaging button to allow you to start a written communication through UMMshadi’s communication channel.

Note: The system does not allow you to communicate with a member until that member has enabled messaging for you.

How to text message a member:

When a member has allowed you to communicate via text message, go to your home page by clicking at your user ID, then click Messaging button to communicate.

Note: UMMshadi advises you not to provide your address, telephone number or email address until you are confident to do so. That confidence can be developed by communicating through UMMshadi’s messaging system during initial stage.

Answer: No. There is no plan to charge any fee for ordinary membership.

Answer: UMMshadi has been established to provide a social service, especially to help girls, or their parents/guardians, to find a suitable match, who may not be able to pay to advertise.
UMMshadi is a not-for-profit venture.

Answer: Yes. That will help us sustain this site. Let us know through Contact Us link if you want to donate.